3 Ways to Express Gratitude at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Flickr Friends

Photo credit: Don Kennedy

Yams and pumpkin pie are dandy indeed, but they are not the only things Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Gratitude is that overall feeling of being so very thankful, a feeling that often comes with the urge to show your appreciation or return an act of kindness. A few tips from The Change Blog can help you express that gratitude while reminding you of all the wonderful things in your life.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Grab a notebook and write a daily list of 10 things for which you are grateful. Keep the trend going for a week, a month, the rest of your life. Don’t just write the same 10 things; each day brings a new slate of reasons for celebration.

Thank people.

List all the people you appreciate from the past year, from clients to neighbors, family members to coworkers. Think of who may have given you a major boost at a difficult time in your life. Now let them know how much their actions meant to you. Give them a call, send a Thanksgiving card, or pen a handwritten note to express your thanks.

Share what you have.

Stinginess is not the way to go. Share your abundance by donating your time, business services, or resources to a community organization or individual who could certainly use it. If one of your blessings is a loving family, for instance, invite a family-less coworker or neighbor over for Thanksgiving dinner. If you offer services a charity organization could use, such as website design or fundraiser planning, offer it for free. Donate time and volunteer at a soup kitchen or walk dogs for the neighborhood dog rescue group.

Acting on these tips will not only make you feel good about the abundance in your own life but they will help others feel good, too. That’s a powerful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Now please pass the yams.

What are the top three items on your own gratitude list?