Three Tips to Honoring All Holiday Traditions at Your Work Party

Engineering Department Christmas party, 1957

Photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Political correctness is here to stay, and your holiday work party is a prime opportunity to practice it. The trend for holidays these days is to steer clear of any single tradition and instead, attempt to include them all.

Although that can seem like a massive task, these three tips can help you throw the most all-inclusive work party yet!

Mind the menu

People from different cultures and backgrounds may also have different eating habits that need special attention. Those from cultures that do not eat pork, for instance, won’t be able to indulge in the Christmas ham, nor will vegetarians. Include foods that cater to specific dietary requirements.

Offer a variety of hors-d’oeuvre-type dishes rather than one or two entrees, and include fresh fruits and veggies for everyone. And while many people love an open bar, not everyone drinks alcohol — helpful when you’re stocking beverages.

Celebrate winter!

You can still deck the halls with boughs of holly, but focus on decorations with a winter theme rather than those that pinpoint a specific holiday. Snowflakes, illuminated snow globes, frosted dried twigs and flowers and snowmen (and women!) fit the bill.

Stick with generic winter colors like blues and whites or striking silver and gold, and avoid telltale red and green or other notorious holiday hues.

Offer sweeping salutations

Happy holidays” and “Season’s greetings spread well wishes and good cheer without having to memorize every single holiday that falls in the fall and winter months. Such salutations should apply to any greetings you vocalize as well as those on banners and holiday cards.

If you want to send a more personalized greeting to your favorite colleagues or clients, you can always go for holiday cards that mention the specific occasion they celebrate.

What are you doing to celebrate the holidays more inclusively this season?