Five Funny Christmas Cards for Business

5 Funny Holiday Cards

Peace, joy, and love are great, but sometimes the holidays can feel a little heavy.

Lighten up with humorous holiday cards – they’re not limited to your family and friends.

Here are some of our favorites that are whimsical and work-appropriate:

Absent-Minded Santa

If you or your customers use computers, you’ve been here, too.

There's No Business Like Your Business

Bonus points if you’re in show biz. Annie Oakley would be proud.

Construction Santa

Too bad Santa isn’t as smart as your customers who hired you to do the construction instead!

Reindeer Stethoscope

Make your patients smile (and remind them to use up that HSA by the end of the year).

Funny Face Photo Card

Really small staff? Let them see your smiling faces – and your sense of humor – for a truly personal touch.

Not for you? Try one of our other humorous holiday cards instead.
Happy Holidays!

Sharing the Holidays Through Christmas Letters

Central Park, Manhattan

My wife’s family lives in South Carolina, mine lives in Tennessee, and we live in New York. We don’t get to see either side as often as we’d like, though we fly south when we get the chance.

The holidays are a problem.

We want to see both families, so we try to divide and conquer. We spend Thanksgiving with one side, and Christmas with the other.

Both families want us for Christmas, though, so we alternate years. Last year was Christmas with her family, and this year we’ll be with mine. It’s the best we can do, but it’s far from perfect – one family always misses out on Christmas morning.

We make phone calls and send gifts, but what really helps is the Christmas letter. When we mail our Christmas cards, we enclose a 1-2 page letter describing highlights from the past year, along with a couple of photos and funny stories.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. The holidays are a time for storytelling and reflection, and these letters help our friends and family feel more connected to us.

Even if you don’t have time to write a letter, you can send a photo card with a personalized message. Family photos are great, but pictures with a story behind them can be even better. Find a way to let loved ones into your life this Christmas, even if you can’t be with them in person.

Do you send an annual Christmas letter?

Photo credit: Jon Nicholls

Holiday Greeting Cards for Business or Personal Use

Previously we posted some of our new Thanksgiving cards, so this month we are highlighting some holiday greetings we’ve recently added to our collection.

Click the images for more details about individual cards.

Four-Color Forest Scene Holiday Card

Many businesses and families want to choose a card that’s unique and festive while still being inclusive for all recipients. That’s why we offer a large selection of “season’s greetings” and “happy holidays” cards that don’t refer to a single holiday.

“Nature’s Beauty” highlights a forest scene of winter trees and deer with panels of jewel-tone colors. The card stock is pearlized white with “Greetings of the season” shining in gold foil underneath the image.

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Get Started Early on Christmas Cards for Business

Traditional Holiday Wreath Christmas Card

We’re in the greeting card business, so you’re probably not surprised that we advise people to order cards early.

How early is too early?

If you scrambled to get your cards ordered in early December last year, you know that you want to get those holiday tasks checked off as soon as you can!

While its tempting to wait until December, it makes sense to start as early as possible on all the tasks that are usually involved in planning for the winter holidays. There are a number of benefits that involve saving money and time, easing stress, and gaining an advantage over the competition.

If you order early, this gives you time to:

  • coordinate mailing lists and addresses
  • take advantage of sales and early bird specials
  • collect personal signatures for all the cards
  • and avoid peak mail delivery times

Leave yourself some extra time in case you need to order more cards, you run out of stamps, you add more recipients, or you just don’t want to scramble.

With Thanksgiving at the very end of November this year, save yourself the hassle of dealing with everything the first week back. CLICK HERE to shop business holiday cards.