Five Funny Christmas Cards for Business

5 Funny Holiday Cards

Peace, joy, and love are great, but sometimes the holidays can feel a little heavy.

Lighten up with humorous holiday cards – they’re not limited to your family and friends.

Here are some of our favorites that are whimsical and work-appropriate:

Absent-Minded Santa

If you or your customers use computers, you’ve been here, too.

There's No Business Like Your Business

Bonus points if you’re in show biz. Annie Oakley would be proud.

Construction Santa

Too bad Santa isn’t as smart as your customers who hired you to do the construction instead!

Reindeer Stethoscope

Make your patients smile (and remind them to use up that HSA by the end of the year).

Funny Face Photo Card

Really small staff? Let them see your smiling faces – and your sense of humor – for a truly personal touch.

Not for you? Try one of our other humorous holiday cards instead.
Happy Holidays!

Creating a Card Style for your Business

Some people can just naturally pick out an outfit, complete with the right accessories. They never make a color choice that’s wrong or a style that’s not flattering. Does that describe you?

No? Well, join the club—lots of people don’t have that picking-perfect-clothes gene.

If you’re intimidated with ordering your company’s business greeting cards, let’s look at some combinations of card styles, color choices, and fonts that work together. This should help you make a selection that you’ll be happy with.

Traditional = Formal
For a fairly safe choice, always go with a traditional style for a business greeting card. If you were choosing cards for friends, casual would be fine. But with the variety of possible recipients, you want to stick with something more formal.

A simple, straightforward style in more reserved colors is best. For example, Christmas cards with deep, rich greens and reds, or gold and silver palettes exude elegance. If you think of “formal” stationery styles, like invitations, you’ll know exactly what’s appropriate.

What About Fonts?
Same as with a traditional style card, choose one of the more formal fonts. Baskerville or Copperplate are good choices. If you want a little flourish, University Roman has a bit of flair. Scripts are nice for certain styles, too. Try the Bickley Script.

Type Colors?
If you choose a more traditional card style, stick with black, brown, or blue ink for your printed message. Brighter colors are best with contemporary card styles.

Now go order—you know what to do!

Company Perspectives about Business Holiday Cards

Recently, we surveyed some of our customers to find out how business holiday cards benefit their marketing strategies and customer relationships. The survey, along with this blog, is among the ways we are increasing communications with our customers.

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