Five Funny Christmas Cards for Business

5 Funny Holiday Cards

Peace, joy, and love are great, but sometimes the holidays can feel a little heavy.

Lighten up with humorous holiday cards – they’re not limited to your family and friends.

Here are some of our favorites that are whimsical and work-appropriate:

Absent-Minded Santa

If you or your customers use computers, you’ve been here, too.

There's No Business Like Your Business

Bonus points if you’re in show biz. Annie Oakley would be proud.

Construction Santa

Too bad Santa isn’t as smart as your customers who hired you to do the construction instead!

Reindeer Stethoscope

Make your patients smile (and remind them to use up that HSA by the end of the year).

Funny Face Photo Card

Really small staff? Let them see your smiling faces – and your sense of humor – for a truly personal touch.

Not for you? Try one of our other humorous holiday cards instead.
Happy Holidays!

New Season, New Cards

So long, summer! The transition to fall marks the calm before the storm as our busy holiday season approaches. While we sell all-occasion greeting cards for use year-round, the winter holidays really get us hopping.

One trend we see is an increase in the popularity of Thanksgiving cards. What better time to express your appreciation for others than a national holiday dedicated to giving thanks? Instead of throwing your lot in with a pile of winter holiday cards, Thanksgiving cards offer an opportunity to stand out and get your message through.

Here are some of our beautiful new Thanksgiving greetings — just click the card images for details and a closer look. Would you guess that all three are eco-friendly recycled paper?

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Creating a Card Style for your Business

Some people can just naturally pick out an outfit, complete with the right accessories. They never make a color choice that’s wrong or a style that’s not flattering. Does that describe you?

No? Well, join the club—lots of people don’t have that picking-perfect-clothes gene.

If you’re intimidated with ordering your company’s business greeting cards, let’s look at some combinations of card styles, color choices, and fonts that work together. This should help you make a selection that you’ll be happy with.

Traditional = Formal
For a fairly safe choice, always go with a traditional style for a business greeting card. If you were choosing cards for friends, casual would be fine. But with the variety of possible recipients, you want to stick with something more formal.

A simple, straightforward style in more reserved colors is best. For example, Christmas cards with deep, rich greens and reds, or gold and silver palettes exude elegance. If you think of “formal” stationery styles, like invitations, you’ll know exactly what’s appropriate.

What About Fonts?
Same as with a traditional style card, choose one of the more formal fonts. Baskerville or Copperplate are good choices. If you want a little flourish, University Roman has a bit of flair. Scripts are nice for certain styles, too. Try the Bickley Script.

Type Colors?
If you choose a more traditional card style, stick with black, brown, or blue ink for your printed message. Brighter colors are best with contemporary card styles.

Now go order—you know what to do!

Get Started Early on Christmas Cards for Business

Traditional Holiday Wreath Christmas Card

We’re in the greeting card business, so you’re probably not surprised that we advise people to order cards early.

How early is too early?

If you scrambled to get your cards ordered in early December last year, you know that you want to get those holiday tasks checked off as soon as you can!

While its tempting to wait until December, it makes sense to start as early as possible on all the tasks that are usually involved in planning for the winter holidays. There are a number of benefits that involve saving money and time, easing stress, and gaining an advantage over the competition.

If you order early, this gives you time to:

  • coordinate mailing lists and addresses
  • take advantage of sales and early bird specials
  • collect personal signatures for all the cards
  • and avoid peak mail delivery times

Leave yourself some extra time in case you need to order more cards, you run out of stamps, you add more recipients, or you just don’t want to scramble.

With Thanksgiving at the very end of November this year, save yourself the hassle of dealing with everything the first week back. CLICK HERE to shop business holiday cards.

Make An Impression with Unique Business Holiday Cards

One way to use business holiday cards to remind customers about what you do is to choose a card with an industry theme. Many of today’s designs for corporate holiday cards have been created for specific industries, such as doctor and lawyer holiday cards and other service-oriented professions, such as financial planners and accountants.

Click here to see our selection of industry-specific holiday cards.

Even if you can’t find unique business holiday cards for your particular industry, you may still select from a host of designs with holiday images that match your company image. Whether you choose a traditional design, or something more modern or humorous, you can reinforce the message with an imprinted or handwritten note to your clients. Either way, you are making a sincere impression on your customers, who realize that it takes extra effort to send out special corporate holiday greetings to them.

What do you think makes the best impression when giving business holiday cards? Tell us why you think a specific kind of greeting card works and why another doesn’t.

Communicating with Clients to Build Relationships

Knowing what your clients or customers want is the key to any good business relationship. That’s especially true in our business, because cards often send meaningful messages or evoke strong emotions around the holiday season. We’re trying to create bonds and help you show your customers that you care.

So how do you interact with customers so that they know you are interested, think they are special, and, most importantly, understand that you care about them?

There are numerous ways to ensure that your communication with clients is affordable and effective. Here are a few:

  • Send them a survey that asks specific questions about your products and services. Adding a monetary incentive or gift card helps.
  • Interact with them on social networking sites and through blogs or forums.
  • Offer an easy way for them to contact you, such as a direct email address or phone number.
  • Deliver regular correspondence that asks for feedback or that provides them with information that helps them solve a problem or fill a need.
  • Regularly send them professional holiday cards for various occasions as well as thank-you cards and birthday cards.

One powerful way is to just pick up the phone and call them. Plan two to three hours each week to call five to ten customers directly and get their opinions. In a world where people spend more time connecting virtually, they may be surprised and delighted to hear your voice.

Innovative Ways to Stay in Contact with Clients During the Holidays

One of the best times to reach out to clients is during the holiday season. However, with competition hot on your heels, it is important to be innovative so that you stand out from the crowd.

One way to stand out is to make your holiday message or gift the culmination of a series sent throughout the year. For example, I’ve received clever mailers from companies sending Mardi Gras beads in the spring, and tongs at the start of the summer grilling season. The tongs were practical as well as conveying a witty message to “grab on to opportunities.”

Even if you don’t send a gift, Christmas cards for business can be the final element in the mailing series by using special designs or messages relate to the previous mailings. Or look forward to increased client relationships in the coming year by sending out personalized calendar cards to keep your contact information handy year-round.
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Company Perspectives about Business Holiday Cards

Recently, we surveyed some of our customers to find out how business holiday cards benefit their marketing strategies and customer relationships. The survey, along with this blog, is among the ways we are increasing communications with our customers.

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