Christmas Cards Provide Business Marketing Value

Personalized, printed Christmas and holiday cards can make a lasting impression for companies according to Holiday Cards Unlimited.

The Christmas holiday season accounts for the majority of greeting cards sent in the United States, according to industry statistics. For many businesses, it may be the only time they send a card to customers or associates.

While some companies feel that sending holiday cards is a routine obligation, high-quality Christmas cards are a valuable component of a company’s overall customer relationship strategy, according to Tim Christopoulos, president of Holiday Cards Unlimited.

There are several ways companies gain value from sending holiday cards:

  • Cards reinforce company name recognition in a more personal way than advertising or other communications
  • Cards can be customized with special messages or hand-written personal notes
  • Cards show that a business appreciates the relationship with customers, suppliers and other important groups

“Holiday cards provide a distinctive personal touch that’s often lacking in an increasingly frenetic world. A study by the Greeting Card Association indicated that nine out of 10 Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because cards make them feel they are important to someone else.”

Companies can increase the advantages of sending holiday cards by choosing a card theme and message that personifies their business. Holiday Cards Unlimited offers customers more than 800 styles of cards, ranging from traditional Christmas symbols to humorous depictions of the holiday. Cards may be customized with a choice of more than 20 verses, or businesses may provide their own verse or add a logo.

Personalizing cards with a special message is an especially powerful way for companies to make an impression with their Christmas cards, added Christopoulos. It is a subtle way to show customers that you take time and care to think through everything you do in your business, including your relationship with them.

Ordering holiday cards online provides a number of benefits, according to Christopoulos. These include having a full range of choices at their fingertips, rather than sifting through page after page from bulky catalogues. Plus, with Holiday Cards Unlimited, customers can save preliminary choices in their account on the website for quick review before making a decision. Once a choice is made, a preview of the inside of card customization can be viewed and saved online. Most orders are shipped within two to three business days.

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