Disconnect With A Digital Detox

Think about your day thus far: how many minutes have you spent using electronic devices? And how many minutes have you spent talking with people face-to-face?

Technology is great for creating a business and exchanging information with people around the globe, but it’s not much help in the way of nurturing the relationships that you already have. In his TED talk (above), Simon Sinek explains that humans are social beings and, because of this, the most successful at survival over the centuries.

Personalized interactions create relationships that thrive. Talking to a friend in person, chatting on the phone to grandma and sending cards to loved ones are all ways in which humans fulfill this need.

But who has time? We all have 24 hours in the day; the key is to disconnect from technology.

Three Tips for A Digital Detox

  1. Know why you’re stepping away from technology. To spend more time with your family? To end the vicious cycle of checking your email every ten minutes? To relax and lower your stress level? If you know the reason behind your action, you’re more likely to stick to your plan to stay unplugged.
  2. Set a time period for your detox. Quitting cold turkey is tough, so start by turning off all your digital devices for one day over the weekend. You probably won’t miss any important email, and your Facebook friends will get along without you. Tell people to call in case of emergency, but everything else can wait until Monday.
  3. Reconnect with people. Plan to spend time engaged in social activities. Go hiking with a group of friends or have a picnic with your kids. Keep your phone with you for emergencies, but keep it tucked away. Stay present with your loved ones while you can.

If you’re due for a digital detox, make plans to do it this weekend. Can’t be unplugged that long? Then leave your cell phone in another room during dinner or turn the computer off during evening family time.

If you’re up to the weekend challenge, log out of your online accounts on Friday evening and enjoy two days of freedom from the electronic world. You may feel anxious about missing a call, but focus on enjoying your family, hobbies, and housework. Unplug and rediscover all the things you’ve neglected in favor of spending time with your mobile devices.