3 Business Communication Barriers and How to Fix Them

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Effective communication within an organization is the key to keeping the company vibrant and successful. After all, it’s tough for a company to run smoothly if internal memos are incomprehensible, bosses don’t tell employees about upcoming projects, and one department has no clue what another department is doing.

The business communication page of Wikipedia delves into three communication barriers and offers ways to fix them.

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What’s Your Communication Style?

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Why communication styles matter and how to use them for your benefit

People use different styles of communication, and recognizing which style applies to you and those around you can benefit your workplace, as well as your overall business. Christopher Newport University outlines four main communication types:
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4 Ways to Keep Communication Short, Sweet and Effective

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Keeping it short and sweet can be golden when it comes to business meetings, family vacations, and effective communication. Whether you’re communicating with clients, coworkers, or family and friends, brevity is key. These four tips inspired by Entrepreneur.com can help.

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3 Easy Ways to Offer Encouragement

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Your employee broke a sales record, your coworker was recently promoted and your best friend bought a house. You’re thrilled for the people who are achieving great things, and they must automatically know how great you think their achievements are, right?

Not necessarily. Unless you spend a lot of time with psychics, they won’t know how you feel unless you tell them. Here are three ways to do just that.
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3 Reasons Regular Communication Rules

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You don’t become fast friends after meeting someone once briefly, and the same philosophy holds true for any type of relationship. While regular communication may be an obvious must to maintain ties with friends and family, it’s one that can be overlooked when it comes to building relationships for your business.

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Three Tips to Honoring All Holiday Traditions at Your Work Party

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Political correctness is here to stay, and your holiday work party is a prime opportunity to practice it. The trend for holidays these days is to steer clear of any single tradition and instead, attempt to include them all.

Although that can seem like a massive task, these three tips can help you throw the most all-inclusive work party yet!

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3 Follow-Up Strategies to Build Relationships


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You’re on the phone with a hot lead. They don’t bite. End of story, right?

Not if you want a sale, it isn’t. Statistics indicate how important it is to keep building a relationship, offering a rundown on when sales typically occur.

  • 2 percent on the first contact
  • 20 percent on the second to fourth
  • 80 percent on the fifth to twelfth


Also notable: nearly half of sales people never follow up at all with a potential client and only 12 percent contact the potential client more than three times. If sales aren’t exactly rolling in, lack of continued customer relations may play a part. Here’s how to fix that.
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4 Creative Ways to Add Marketing Messages to Your Holiday Cards

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Holiday cards that read “Happy Holidays; now buy something,” just don’t cut it. You can still sneak a little marketing into your cards, just do it a subtle and tasteful manner.

Here are four creative ways to add marketing messages to your cards without turning people off.
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