Showing Care and Concern with Business Sympathy Cards

Finding the right words to express care and concern is always difficult. It’s even more difficult in a business situation if you’re an administrative assistant charged with the responsibility of composing condolences on behalf of your boss for those whom you may not know very well.

Phone calls and personal visits are helpful in expressing sympathy to an employee, business associate, or close customer, but they may not always be practical. If distance, time or other factors prevent a personal condolence, a corporate sympathy is always an appropriate way to share some simple, heartfelt, and positive thoughts for the recipient.

A card allows the other person to receive the sentiment in private without feeling as though he may have to hide his emotions. It also allows the recipient to opt to respond if she wants to or when she is ready. This type of “space” is one of the best ways to show you care without infringing on what can be a very delicate time for someone.

Many of today’s business sympathy cards come with carefully selected verses that may prove useful when you are not sure of the most appropriate sentiment. With these or blank cards, you have the option of writing something personal. With all cards of sympathy, it is best to keep them tactful, short, and sincere.