Boost Employee Morale With Birthday Cards

"they will see us waving from such great heights"

Think back to your last birthday — how many physical birthday cards did you receive?

Compare that to the number of “happy birthday” greetings that came to you from family, friends and colleagues on Facebook.

Carrie Phillippi, a marketing counselor at Saybrook Marketing Communications, conducted an experiment to see how she received the most birthday wishes. Of 242 birthday messages, only 20 were physical cards while a whopping 189 messages were sent through Facebook!

Technology makes it easy to send birthday wishes, but it doesn’t provide the human connection that comes with paper birthday cards. A memorable birthday greeting card shows that you planned ahead and made time to write and send the greeting.

In her list of 15 ways to boost employee morale, Lea Hartog, writer at, says that recognizing birthdays, along with other personal accomplishments, is a great way to show your team members that you care about their life outside of the office.

When employees feel that they are appreciated and cared about, they are happier and more productive workers.

Here are three important points to remember before getting started.

  1. Keep a variety of cards on hand and choose one that best fits the employee’s personality. Selecting a card that represents each employee will shows that you are interested in them. If you know they have cats, they’ll appreciate getting a card with a furry feline on the front.
  2. Don’t delegate this task; take the time to write out and send the card yourself. Your employees will not only appreciate the fact that you thought to send a card but that you also spent the time yourself.
  3. Write a personal message. While a card’s printed verse may convey your meaning, a few extra sentences that are personalized to the recipient will make the card more meaningful.

While sending ecards and social media shout-outs are convenient, you’ll find that sending a real card is well worth a few extra minutes of your time and will likely result in a happier employee. Get started by grabbing a list of all employees birthdays and adding this task to your to-do list. And don’t forget to order an assortment of birthday cards!