Commend a Client for Reaching a Milestone

People who excel in the business world know there’s more to business than business. Business is about building successful relationships. Good relationships have several common denominators:

  • Excellent communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Giving at least 100%
  • Respect
  • Maintenance

You can demonstrate your skills at all of the above by acknowledging a good client’s important milestone. We all appreciate someone noticing our accomplishments—it’s like getting that first A+ in school. Even if it was just for growing that bean plant without killing it, the recognition felt nice.

Clients expect you to be in contact; you are trading goods or services with them, and follow-up is critical. But remember that attention-to-detail component? Sending them a card to stay on their radar—that’s where you score extra points and can solidify that good relationship. Especially in this electronic communication age, an actual greeting card stands out!

What’s the Occasion?
Maybe your client was named to a Fortune 500 list, completed a lucrative acquisition or reached 25 years in business. Something like that might call for a congratulatory lunch or dinner. But even if the occasion isn’t that big, acknowledging a special event with a greeting card is a nice touch. It’s thoughtful, personal and will be appreciated.

What Type of Card?
The category of card depends on the particular milestone. If it’s an anniversary, choose that card to commemorate it. But a congratulations card would be a good fit, too, for just about any significant event.

  • The formality of the business relationship should dictate the style. A more casual tone is probably fine with longer-term associations.
  • Choose either a pre-printed verse with a hand-written, personalized note or a blank card to include a lengthier message.

What Can I Say?
Once again, the tone of your business association will suggest a message.

If it’s an old business pal, for a years-in-business milestone you might say,

  • “Wow, who knew you were THAT old? Were you a Founding Father?”
  • For a congratulatory message, consider a message like this: “Congratulations on your recent success! You should be buying ME lunch!”