And the Winner is! Send a Stellar Anniversary Card

Doesn’t it seem like every day is awards day in Hollywood? The Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards have come and gone. The Academy Awards are just around the corner. What about doing a tie-in during this star-studded time of year and recognizing some of your organization’s own stars? And if your company achieved an important highpoint this year, use a corporate anniversary card to mark that milestone.

Whether you’re sending an anniversary card company-wide or just recognizing some key players, choose an anniversary card design that fits the occasion or recipient. Some events might warrant a more formal approach and some, a more casual, personal touch. Consider some of the personalized verses below to do your Oscar-night anniversary tie-in:

  • “And now the award for longest time in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 goes to ____!”
  • “This Lifetime Achievement award is being presented to ____ for 25 years of outstanding customer service!”
  • “We present this special award for Best Ensemble Cast to achieve a great year-end!”
  • “Best performance in a supporting role goes to ALL OF YOU!”

Send Anniversary Cards to your Clients
Don’t limit your professional anniversary cards to your own organization. Be creative and proactive by recognizing the achievements of your clients’ businesses. Maybe they have been your customer for many years and you want to celebrate that milestone. You could also make a point to commemorate an anniversary event that your client’s company is celebrating, such as number of years in business.
Taking the time to send a card shows you are keeping track of your business connections’ important anniversaries. It’s a thoughtful way to promote those good relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.