You Don’t Have to Sit By Your Mailbox! FAQ: Part 1

We all like to have items we order shipped to us ASAP. It’s just one thing we can check off our “to-do list" when it arrives. There’s usually a charge for faster delivery, but we tend not to select that option unless it’s a rush order. But for special or custom orders, a longer turnaround and shipping timeframe is expected. The following are some answers to your shipping questions.

What Kind of Turnaround Should I Expect on My Order?

  • Orders are usually printed and shipped in one day: If your order does not have a custom component, it is usually printed and shipped one business day after you place your order.
  • Imprinting does not require additional time: Having your return address or a name imprinted under your verse does not add any time to your order turnaround. Take advantage of those extras!
  • Choose your shipping option: Add the number of days to the 1-day turnaround depending on your shipping choice of UPS Ground, Next Day Air, etc.
  • Keep the holiday “traffic” in mind: It’s best to factor in that there are peak production times like the holiday seasons. Getting your orders in early will help facilitate your turnaround time. Then pat yourself on the back!

How Long for a Custom Order?

  • Custom options may extend the timeframe: Any custom option that you have ordered such as a personal verse, one or two colors on your logo, special artwork, a custom verse, or proof approval usually adds another business day. But we strive to stay on the same 1-day production schedule to make your life easier.
  • Special PMS ink colors or foil: If you ordered a special ink or foil imprinting on cards that don’t have foil as an option, your order may require additional production days.
  • Larger orders: Card orders of more than 500 may take an additional 1-2 business days.

For more information on our production and shipping timeframes, especially during peak seasons, see the “Learn More” button on the shipping icon located on our shopping pages.

For additional information on shipping, see (fill in additional shipping posts here). We do our best to make our customers happy by getting their orders to them as quickly as possible!

Stay tuned for more fascinating FAQs!