Getting the Most for your Money

We all know that saying, “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes there’s a nice spin on that—you get a quality product or service at a reduced price. Win-win! Being able to take advantage of discounts, sales, and special offers and still walk away with the good stuff takes some savvy.

Our card pricing is a great example of that—quality at a discount. The following is information about our pricing.

  • Discount Pricing: Often, when people see something at a reduced price they assume that a better product would be more expensive. But our pricing is very competitive and in most cases, is lower than most other online card companies.

But do some comparison shopping, and make sure you look at the fine print. You may see “Free Shipping” and think that automatically means a savings. In many cases, that just means the company will make up those costs in another area. Customers are smart and realize when something sounds too good to be true. We treat our customers with respect.

  • Quantity Pricing: One way we can help you stick to a budget is by offering volume discounts. There are discounts built into various quantity bands starting at a 50-card order. The larger the order, the price per card drops.
  • Sales Tax: Currently, only customers in Illinois are charged sales tax.
  • Tax-Exempt Status: Illinois-based companies who are eligible for tax exempt (or re-sale) status must supply a copy of their tax exempt certificate in order to process their order. Email it to or fax it to (312) 337-6722 with your order number.