3 Reasons Regular Communication Rules

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Photo credit: Planet of Success

You don’t become fast friends after meeting someone once briefly, and the same philosophy holds true for any type of relationship. While regular communication may be an obvious must to maintain ties with friends and family, it’s one that can be overlooked when it comes to building relationships for your business.

Here’s why you need it:

If you only contact people when you want to sell them something, it feels sleazy.

Sure, they’ll think, this person only sends me a greeting card or email when she wants me to buy something. The practice is akin to calling good friends only when you have to ask a favor, borrow money, or vent about a problem. They may not remain your friends much longer.

Less can be more, if the less is on a regular basis.

Huh? Permission Marketing author Seth Godin explains this one well using the analogy of planting seeds. If you have 100 seeds and a limited supply of water, it doesn’t make sense to plant all 100 at once and use up all your water by watering them only once. Your garden will shrivel up and die. You can instead plant, say, 25 seeds, water them four times each, and watch your garden grow.

According to Business Know-How, the same applies to promotional campaigns and other business correspondence. It’s more effective to contact 25 people four times each than it is to contact a single mass of 100 just once with no follow-up.

It can make things super-personal.

Say you do have four opportunities to reach each of the 25 people on your list. You can make the contact personal by focusing on customer-specific events, like sending a handwritten card on their birthday or after a big graduation. It may take more time, but that time is well spent when you build relationships with regular contact.

How often do you keep in contact with your customers?