Making an Office More Eco-Friendly

No matter what size of a company you have, corporate social responsibility is becoming an important strategy for marketing to clients and operating in a sustainable way.

Customers and other stakeholders want to see that you are making environmentally sensitive decisions and looking at how you do business in a way that takes more than just a profit into consideration.

There are many ways you can “green” your office and activities so as to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Encourage ride-sharing and job-sharing activities that involve flex time, telecommuting, and carpooling.
  • Turn off all computers and electric devices not in use when the office is closed.
  • Find new ways to work that create less paperwork.
  • Benchmark the ideas of other companies that are switching to business equipment and manufacturing equipment that produces little or no greenhouse gas emissions.

Paper is one of the most commonly used materials that has an impact on the environment. When you do need to use paper for a personal approach to your marketing efforts, such as holiday greeting cards for business or other important matters, make sure you select paper products that are made with100% certified recycled materials. You can also select business holiday cards with logo that states that they use at least 20% post-consumer waste as well as soy or agra-inks.


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What steps has your business taken to be more environmentally-conscious? Do these choices resonate with your customers?