A Card Beats a Cold-Call!

Most of us have a client or business colleague we haven’t heard from in a while. If you’re reconnecting because you’d like to get their business or just to stay in contact, sending a card might do the trick. As busy as we all are these days, it’s hard to stay on people’s radar—a reminder couldn’t hurt.

The Importance of Maintaining Contact
Sometimes in the frenzy to get new accounts and clients, we neglect the continuous maintenance that our older, established accounts deserve. Even if they haven’t sent any work your way lately, a cue that they’re still important to you is just good business. Sending a card also can be a bit more subtle than the “cold-call” feel of a phone call or email out of the blue.

After sending a card, you might follow-up with a phone call, just to check in. Or, even better, the client may pick up the phone to call you! So give some thought to those folks you haven’t seen or heard from lately.

What Type of Card and Message?
So what type of card and message might you send your old client? The sentiment that first comes to mind is a kind of “thinking of you” card. How about a “thank you” or a “congratulations” card? You might be a little creative with a “Good Job!” card. As usual, the relationship with the client will dictate the level of formality of the card.

Some messages to add to the cards might be:

  • Thank You: “Just wanted to thank you for doing business with us all these years. What’s new?”
  • Congratulations: “Let’s congratulate ourselves for all our past hard work together! I’ll be in touch.”
  • Good Job!: “We’ve always done a great job getting good results for our companies! Let’s team up again.”

However you choose to express it, make that old client feel appreciated.