3 Follow-Up Strategies to Build Relationships


Photo credit: R. Nial Bradshaw

You’re on the phone with a hot lead. They don’t bite. End of story, right?

Not if you want a sale, it isn’t. Statistics indicate how important it is to keep building a relationship, offering a rundown on when sales typically occur.

  • 2 percent on the first contact
  • 20 percent on the second to fourth
  • 80 percent on the fifth to twelfth


Also notable: nearly half of sales people never follow up at all with a potential client and only 12 percent contact the potential client more than three times. If sales aren’t exactly rolling in, lack of continued customer relations may play a part. Here’s how to fix that.

3 strategies for building customer relations

Make the follow up!

Whether it’s a phone call, greeting card, or email, follow-up contact is valuable. Use the follow up to build a relationship that can serve you and your business for the long term. It’s also a great way to build trust, remind busy prospects to close a deal, or get feedback on your offerings.

Learn about your prospects

You don’t have to dig through their public records, but making an attempt to find out a bit of personal or business information about the potential clients can go a long way. EasySpeak recommends finding out one new tidbit every time you contact them.

Check back after the sale

Solid relationships go deeper than being chummy when you’re trying to sell something. Follow up after a sale to ensure all is well and working properly. Continued contact lets the client know you’re devoted to fulfilling their needs.

Relationships with anyone take time and effort, and potential clients are no different. Follow up to reap the rewards with clients who you appreciate as much as they appreciate you.

How often do you follow up after the initial sales pitch?