Whatever happened to just great prices ….. all the time?

Just when I think I’ve seen the last of any particular email promo during the holiday season, I receive another variation in my inbox. Looking back over the last couple of weeks, here’s a small sampling, and for space purposes, I left out all of the anticipatory promo emails for Black Friday and just started on the day itself:

Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Cyber “Week”
“Extended” Cyber Sale!
“Extended AGAIN ” Cyber Monday
“Last Chance” Sale!
“One more day” extended!
“Our FINAL” holiday sale!
“A special gift – We’ve extended” our sale for you!


The trend is clearly turning into one continuous promo each season with no way to trust when any one of them will really end. We already can safely assume there will be another one beginning. Perhaps this sounds good to you and “special”.  For me, it’s nauseating and even a bit insulting because basically, the store from where I receive the email is stating that a particular sale ends on a certain date only for me to learn a day later that the end date did not actually need to be counted on.

Do you think the store owners or marketing team decided to extend the promo out of the goodness of their heart?  No.  It’s all part of a calculated and pre-planned promo calendar that basically leaves many customers feeling toyed with and led on. It’s one gimmicky extension after another. I’ve never felt good about the companies who do this, nor have I felt good when we as a company experimented a couple of times with promos like these ourselves.

Perhaps we aren’t great marketers at Holiday Cards Unlimited. We make great products and offer them at the lowest possible price, we avoid gimmicky promos, we respect and appreciate our customers, we’ll beat any competitor’s pricing if a customer happens to find the same item currently priced lower (which only happens if we weren’t aware of that pricing), and we provide attentive and thoughtful customer service. Does anyone have a great subject line to convey this?  I doubt it, because simplicity and great value alone doesn’t seem to grab attention amongst all the promo noise.  Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic overall.