We Picked a Favorite!

We send business greeting cards for two main reasons. We want to acknowledge a colleague or client’s efforts or a special event in their lives. The other reason, especially with a client, is to stay on their radar. And that’s not just motivated by potential new business; we want them to know that we value our business relationship.

Acknowledge Outstanding Effort

Let’s say a co-worker has really come through for the company this quarter. His efforts have been fairly amazing. Sure, he’s received all kinds of “atta-boys!” comments from the team and his boss. But what would ensure that he knows how much you all really appreciate his work?

How about tying his accomplishment to a fun current event or a timely reference? The trick to doing that well is to pick the event that best suits the recipient. Is he a sports fan? Does he secretly watch a lot of bad reality TV shows? Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!

The Finish
Photo credit: Bob Jagendorf

Customize your card by being creative with the tie-in. What about the following?

• Congratulations – “We sure know how to pick a favorite!” You did your own ‘Run for the Roses’ on that deal!”
• Thank you – “Thanks for pulling through for us at the home stretch – impressive finish! We always knew you had it in you! Great job!”