We Made These Just for You! Custom Card FAQs: Part 3

You’re the designated “order stuff for the office” person. Sometimes it’s fun, other times, not so much. If you’re getting ready to order business greeting cards and are not sure how customization works, the answers to your questions are below. We want to make it easy on you!

  • Can I make up my own verse?
    Absolutely. Just select “Custom Verse” in Step 2 of the ordering process.
  • What about having my company logo printed in my card?
    You select the 1 or 2 color logo option at the end of Step 2. Your logo will be an additional $60 for one color or $120 for two colors.
  • Our logo is a custom PMS color, can you match it?
    Yes, we can match your logo color if you give us the PMS number of the ink used. There is a $60 charge for each color used.
  • May I use my own signature printed inside the card?
    Yes, we can do that. To learn how, either call (866) 388-0137 or email us at sales@holidaycardsunlimited.com and we’ll walk you through it.
  • Is my card going to look exactly like the preview card?
    No, the previews are just to give you a general idea of how the card will look with the font styles and text you’ve chosen. If you’re concerned you can simply request a “typeset proof” in Step 4 of the ordering process.

If you don’t see your questions here, check our FAQ section. You’re ready to start making your selection for the office’s custom greeting cards. Tell everyone they can’t complain or they’ll have to do it next time. They don’t need to know that ordering was a breeze!

A custom card makes you special because it’s a reflection of you! Stay tuned for more FAQ help.