Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, Oh My!

It’s tempting in this age of social media to just pop a message to a business colleague on Facebook or reach out to a client in a similar format. In business, it’s important to respect some of the rules of business etiquette. Remember, too, that not everyone is adept at using social media, or they consider it more of a personal venue rather than a business tool.

facebook like buttonBe Different; Send Snail Mail

Contrary to popular belief, most people still love to receive snail mail (if it isn’t bills!). It’s especially nice to get “real” mail at the workplace. Stand out by sending business greeting cards. Tailor them to the recipient and a particular event or special occasion. You can also send cards to keep a business relationship current.

Play Off the Social Media Theme

If have a more casual business relationship, your greeting card can be a bit more casual. Why not have some fun with a social media reference? Let’s say you are sending a card to acknowledge a colleague’s birthday. Maybe you want to congratulate a client on a new milestone or achievement. Here some ideas below:

• Happy Birthday – “I tried to Tweet you a happy birthday message, but with that 140-character limit, I couldn’t say it all!”
• Congratulations – “I wanted to post your recent accomplishment on my Facebook page, but didn’t want to steal YOUR thunder!”

Have some fun with the tie-in to social media, but also remember to fit the card to the recipient. If the person isn’t a big fan of technology, a traditional verse is perfect. The thoughtfulness of your gesture will come through.

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee