Tips on Customizing Your Business Greeting Cards

You want to send tasteful and appropriate business greeting cards. But you also want yours to stand out, right? One way to do that is by customizing your greeting card order. There are several ways to do that so people will notice and appreciate your attention to detail.

Customize Your Verse
One of the easiest ways to customize your card is by personalizing the verse inside. Choose “Custom Verse” from the drop-down options offered. But don’t stop there. Depending on the relationship you have with a client or colleague, be sure to jot a quick personal note inside the card when you do your mailing.

Add Your Company Logo
Having your company logo on the business greeting card is a nice touch. Printers have very exact formats that they need in order to print your logo. Be sure to check (look at “logo standards”) and see if the format you have is compatible with the printer’s specs. Call the company if you have a particular question. As with most custom orders, expect an additional charge and additional time for delivery of your order.

Take the logo option a step further by using your company logo’s colors. Printers use a universal color-matching system called “PMS color numbers.” It’s used to match your logo’s colors exactly. You’ll need to find out the PMS color numbers of your logo to place your order. You will be charged for each color used.

When you have your logo added to the greeting card, you will get a copy or printer’s “proof” to approve before the printing can start.

So start planning on how to make that lasting impression by customizing your business greeting cards!