Thanks for Climbing that Snow Drift!

Many parts of the country have experienced a brutal winter. There have been days that just getting to work deserved a big bonus! And even though we’re getting closer to spring, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few more snowstorms disrupting commuting. In particularly difficult circumstances, people’s extra efforts should be recognized. There needs to be special kudos for co-workers, vendors or suppliers who go “above and beyond.” Since you can’t award them a trophy, send them a special professional thank you card.

Over and Above
Most of the time, we give our career the serious attention it deserves and do our work well. But often in the business world, co-workers and clients go out of their way to work harder, smarter and better than what’s required. In those situations, let them know how much their extra effort meant to you. Maybe you’re someone who always acknowledges colleagues with a thank you card. Make this one special.

Vendors and co-workers who braved this season’s bad weather may think they were just getting the job done. But that will make your acknowledgment of endeavors even more meaningful. And everyone likes a thank you, even when they see it as “just in a day’s work.”

Pick a Card and Personalize It
Choose an appropriate corporate thank you card and take the time to write a personal business thank you message. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Thanks for climbing out of that snow drift to make it in yesterday. Your perseverance is appreciated!
  • I wanted to acknowledge your extra efforts to get our order here last week. You just shot to the top of the “favorite vendor” list!
  • Thanks for scraping the ice off my car while I sat in the warm lobby. You’re the best cube-mate!

Take the time commend someone who deserves it!