Shop Till You Drop!

Are you the office designated “shopper?” If you’re out of an office supply item, do you raise your hand and say, “I’ll run out and get some”?

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Photo credit: Lindsey T

Well then, you should become the official business greeting card buyer, too. But even if you’re head buyer, you’ll need input from co-workers to help guide your selections.

Budget Considerations

Before you go crazy with your card order, find out what kind of budget you’ll have. Competitive pricing makes ordering in larger quantities an attractive option. That could be a selling point for you to make with the money folks. Placing a large order for cards to be used throughout the year will also save you on shipping.

Who Wants What?

Different people in the company will have various needs for business greeting cards. Sales, for example, will be using cards mostly for clients. The boss will need an assortment to send to his staff and upper management, if applicable. And there should be an “all purpose” box of cards for the office to use as needed.

Place Your Order, Please

You may want to plan on placing your holiday card order separately. But do it well in advance of the holidays! But here’s a good breakdown to consider when you place your order for an assortment:

Thank You
• An assortment of traditional and casual designs with standard verses
• Add some with blanks for a personal message
• Do both a contemporary and more formal style
• Standard verses on some and blanks, too
• Same as above, only add some really fun ones for co-workers to give each other
Get Well and Sympathy
• Probably best to go with a more traditional design for both of these
• Pick a tasteful standard verse for sympathy. A get well card can have more variety in verse choice.

Start shopping!