Putting Contemporary Greeting Cards to Work

Just as you have business associates or clients with whom you have more formal relationships, you probably have colleagues whom you might consider friends. For that category of business relationship, it’s appropriate to choose more contemporary or casual business greeting cards.

Contemporary Card Styles
Think brighter background stock or ink colors for a contemporary card. Fun graphics or even cartoon characters are fine for a closer business association. Stay away from “gag” or even slightly risqué cards because these are still for business purposes.

Verse Selection
You can choose one of the standard verses, which are varied enough to suit any recipient. You might go with “Best Wishes for a very special day from all your friends at…” or “Celebrate! You deserve the best day ever! Happy Birthday.”

Another option is to just be yourself and order blank cards to fill in later. People respond well to someone taking the time to jot a personal greeting in their own hand. Don’t overthink it—just a “Happy Birthday! Lunch is on me!” is great.

Ink Color and Fonts
Go with the same guidelines as you did for card style. Think of fun ink colors, like red or burgundy—festive! Remember that even though you want the card to be more contemporary by using color, you also want it to be legible. Silver can be pretty, but depending on your font choice, it can be a bit harder to read.

Fonts fall into two main categories—serif (with those little flags on the ends of the letter) and sans-serif (without serifs). Then you have script, italic, or very formal fonts. A sans serif font like Futura or Nadianne can look a bit more playful and suits a casual card style.

Remember that it’s OK to put a little personality into your business greeting card choices.