Don’t be Stingy with the Thanks!

“Please” and “thank you” are some of the first words your parents taught you when you were old enough to understand their meaning and intent. Some people are lamenting plain, old good manners going the way of the dodo. But you don’t have to join that crowd; you can send business thank you cards to let colleagues and clients know you appreciate them.

Everybody Likes Appreciation
Thanking someone in the work arena accomplishes two things—it acknowledges that you recognize their effort and lets them know you appreciate it. Being sincerely thanked never gets old. But often in the fast pace of doing business today, it’s overlooked or belated.

Making this meaningful gesture will be easier if you have some business-appropriate thank you cards on hand to send. That way, you don’t have to take time to purchase cards each time you have an opportunity to acknowledge someone. You can either choose a pre-printed inside verse or decide on your own thank you card wording. What are some appropriate times to send them?

  • If you just landed a new client, send them a thank you for giving you their business. Acknowledge that you know they had other companies to choose from and they chose you.
  • You might even do a pre-emptive move if a client is considering your proposal, but hasn’t committed. Maybe, “Thanks for the opportunity to work hard for your business!”
  • If an old client has placed a large order with you recently, you might personalize your thank you message, “Always great to work with you. Thanks for that nice order!”
  • If you’re the boss or project manager, send a thank you to your staff or team members. Thank them for all the hard work they put into a recent tough project.
  • Thank your other team members. It will be an unexpected surprise when you send a thank you to someone with whom you worked on the big project. If you have terrific co-workers, give them a little love!