4 Creative Ways to Add Marketing Messages to Your Holiday Cards

He Knows if You've Been Bad or Good...

Photo credit: James Hall

Holiday cards that read “Happy Holidays; now buy something,” just don’t cut it. You can still sneak a little marketing into your cards, just do it a subtle and tasteful manner.

Here are four creative ways to add marketing messages to your cards without turning people off.

Add social media links

Blueglass.com advises sprucing up your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages with a seasonal image that incorporates your logo. Include links in your cards to encourage people to check out your holiday look. Add further incentives by offering a discount or special if they “like” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or visit specific pages on your site during the holiday season.

Add a QR code

Quick Response (QR) codes, like pricing barcodes on products, can be scanned on mobile devices to access whatever web-based information, photos and promotions the codes contain. Have your cards showcase a special holiday deal, new or seasonal items, or other holiday-related promotions.

Include a holiday offer as a P.S.

A quick P.S. at the end of a card is the perfect place for the “Please buy something” portion of your holiday message so long as it’s an awesome deal. Discounts or free gifts are enticing, and you can add a personal note for your favorite customers offering additional savings.

Run a giveaway or contest

People love holiday photos, so encourage them to submit theirs! Offer a discount coupon if they participate, or a prize for the best photo chosen by audience vote. You can even run a series of contests with a weekly prize and overall grand prize. Photo submission ideas include the ugliest Christmas sweater, best decorations, or the most creative gifts. Include a link so people can participate.

The holiday season thrives on a warm, cozy community feeling. If your strategies extend that feeling, there’s a good chance they’ll be effective. Spread good cheer and a subtle marketing message this holiday season!